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Peterborough County: Respect the Collect

Posted on Friday February 09, 2018

Respect the Collect: Challenges for our recycling collectors and how you can help


  • Weather conditions ,ice, sleet, snow and freezing temperatures
  • Slippery roads and shoulders
  • High speed and heavily traveled roads
  • Unseen sharp objects .
  • Overweight and hard to reach containers
  • Messy or hard to see materials
  • Papers and containers mixed in blue boxes.


Recycling trucks are lighter than garbage trucks, making them challenging to drive on ice and heavy snow.

How You Can Help:

  • Put materials where they can be easily seen, not hidden behind snow banks or parked cars
  • Slow down, pass with care
  • Do not put broken glass or needles in your bluebox
  • Wrap sharp objects and place in garbage
  • Return needles to a pharmacy for disposal
  • Keep all weights under the limit for your municipality
  • Keep bins off the roads allowing other vehicles and plows space.
  • Sort recyclables into Papers and containers