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Bylaw Enforcement

By-Law Enforcement

By-laws are established to ensure that the Municipality is a good place for everyone to share and enjoy by setting rules and boundaries that everyone must follow. These are some of the by-laws we have:

Dog Control



Property Standards


Clean and Clear

To help us meet this commitment, we will bring by-law violations to the attention of individuals and property owners and work hard to reach a satisfactory resolution in a timely manner.

Please be advised the Township has hired Kawartha Guard Service for the provision of by-law enforcement services and has appointed the Officers of Kawartha Guard Service as By-law Enforcement Officers. You may see their vehicle throughout the Township. These Officers have been given authority to interact with ratepayers regarding by-law infractions or concerns. Kawartha Guard Service will assist the existing Township By-Law Enforcement Officers with their duties.

If you would like to discuss a property standards issue or a have a by-law concern, please do not hesitate to contact:

Chief Building Official / By-Law Enforcement Officer - Ext. 237


Building Inspector / By-Law Enforcement Officer - Ext. 231